Best 8 Sri Lankan Snacks

  • Nov 28, 2022
  • By Ruban KT
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Here are some of the best suggested Sri Lankan snacks if you would like to add to your cart. Check the followings and let us know which one is your favorite is.

1. Samaposha

Samaposha is known as one of the most favored and embraced snacks in Sri Lanka. Enriched with so much of nutrients Samaposha is loved by the little ones and so as the adults.

Also is a much-recommended supplement of light food for patients. It’s not just giving the taste but also a series of much needed vitamins, minerals, proteins and many more with a fine mix of soya, corn, green gram and rice.

Samaposha can be used as a snack meal to satisfy your hungers and also will tempt your long-awaited appetite to taste a cereal mixed. You may find a lot of recipes to prepare the best from Samaposha but you will also love to find many simpler methods to make.

The most famous one is the one that make with grated coconuts or flakes, mixing required amount of sugar, pinch of salt and hot water.

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2. Maliban Marie Biscuit

Maliban Marie Biscuit

A good food to add your refreshing and refining tea moments. Maliban Marie Biscuit is one of the most celebrated snacks in Sri Lanka.

Maliban Marie Biscuit is sweet in flavor that offers you a delicate sensation in each bite with a fine blend of milkier taste.

The biscuit is also promising to offer you good sources of nutritious amount including high vitamins. So taking few biscuits will offer you a good kick start to refresh your moods. 

Maliban Marie Biscuit is not just popular in Sri Lanka but in many other countries where it is been exported to cater the higher demands. Loved by both kids and adults we will be happy to deliver your fresh Maliban Marie Biscuit package right at your door.

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3. Iced Gem Biscuits

Iced Gem Biscuits

Iced Gem Biscuits is another lovely snack that is ready to boost your energy and moods. The dainty pastel-colored biscuits are coming in well stored packets.  Iced Gem Biscuits has recognized as a remarkable snack food in Sri Lanka.

It’s a rich thin biscuit with a top filling comes with a colorful icing sugar layer. The plain biscuit against a sweeten icing layer two together produces a heavenly feeling in each crunch.

The real taste of iced Gem Biscuits relies on the quality and the freshness of the pack that we would be happy to deliver right at your door.

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4. Maliban Chocolate Cream Biscuits

Maliban Chocolate Cream Biscuits

The next that we would like to suggest you is your favorite Maliban Chocolate Cream Biscuits. Maliban Chocolate Cream Biscuits is one of the most demanding biscuits in Ceylon Groceries.

It’s sweet and ready to make your most awaited moments an extra memorable.

Maliban Chocolate Cream Biscuits is knowing as the real taste of biscuits. You will find the real harmony in between the fine chocolate layers that is filled with a soft cream caramelized chocolate filling.

Add a packet of Maliban Chocolate Cream Biscuits to your snack times and rejoice the moments with better tastes.

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5. Sri Lankan Mixture

Sri Lankan Mixture

Sri Lankan Mixtures are where you will find the signature taste of Sri Lankan authentic spices. You will find the mixtures in a great variety and you will love to taste a different taste of ingredients with the best choice of spices and flavors.

Mixtures is one of the best that will help to switch the moods in each crunch that will melt in your most by filling your appetites.

The real taste of best mixtures lays on the quality of the ingredients and the freshness of packing. The freshness, taste and quality assured in each mixture that we deliver to you. Check the best available mixtures that comes with your favorite bites.

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6. Sri Lankan Murukku

Sri Lankan Murukku

Murukku is one of the most delighted that you find in Sri Lankan snack menu lists. It’s matching to tempt any appetite. Loved by the young ones and the young at heart one would not just satisfy with just a pack.

At any time of the day, for leisure moods or for packed working schedules Sri Lankan Murukku will be there to improve your dull moods to a celebrative one.

You will find Sri Lankan Murukku with different shapes, and flavors. It often comes with spicy flavors, yet if you would like to get them in cracker tastes, happy to let you know that you will have plenty of options to choose from including sweetened ones with sugar syrups.

Check the list and find the best that you loved.

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7. Cassava Chips

Cassava Chips

Cassava chips are one of the most favored by many chips’ lovers. It’s matching for any occasions. For bored moments, celebrations, festive moments and so on cassava chips will offer you the best for the day.

The sprinkled fried cassava chips are often flavored with the taste of salt, and seasoning. Most are love to taste the crackers with salt and spicy mix delight.

You will find cassava chips in many recipes in all over the world, yet Sri Lankan cassava chips certainly have a significate taste and textures. Add your favorite cassava chips to the cart and seasoning your moods with best flavors.

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8. Sesame Balls

Sesame Balls

Here you find your favorite sesame balls. They are one of the best snacks that comes with mild taste and crispy textures.

Its also known as a classical desert loved by everyone. If you not so a sugar fan but love the sweets with delicate sweetened flavors sesame balls should be one of the best that will match your appetite.

Sesame balls are suitable for any occasion. To extend your dining table or to enjoy a good tea session sesame ball would be one of the perfect to indulge your moments.

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Your most favorite Sri Lankan snacks are easy to find at Ceylon Groceries right now, where we can assure you the real taste, quality and the freshness that you always looked for are rightly delivered in fine packs.

Contact us for more information to get delivered to package to your door.