10 Most Popular Foods in Sri Lanka

  • Sep 29, 2022
  • By Ruban KT
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Looking for the most popular food in Sri Lanka check the list and find your favorite from the below list.



Kottu is undeniably can claim as the top listed food in Sri Lanka. Regardless the age kottu is loved by everyone. Kottu is also known as the signature dish in Sri Lanka.

Often finds as hot and spicy dish Kottu comes with different flavors. Mixing of chicken, fish, plain egg mix and if you are a vegetarian don’t worry you still get kottu in its mouth watering veg options as well. 

If you take a stroll in the evenings, you will hear rhythmic sounds of metals are cracking against each other and is a good sign that you favorite Sri Lankan dish is preparing closer by. 

Hoppers (appa or appam)


Hoppers are one of the yummiest among the list. You can find hoppers in many options. But usually, plain hoppers are the most available and favored by locals as you can dip them in spicy lunumiris and eat that easy to get at any given time.

Other options available for hoppers are egg hoppers, pani hoppers (treacle mixed hoppers) and many more. Hoppers are usually served along with hot and spicy lunu minis but you can also dip in spicy gravy to tastes more. 

Hoppers are available in every small or popular restaurants in Sri Lanka and is also one of the most popular street foods in the country.

Fish ambulthiyal

Sri Lanka is such a culinary hub where you will be amazed to find so many authentic and mouthwatering food recipes. Fish ambulthiyal is one of the best to not miss.  The way that ambulthiyal prepares is very much interesting.

Ambulthiyal is a distinctive fish curry serves a unique taste. The fine blend of sour and spicy taste is so delicious. The original recopies of making fish ambulthiyal are introduced by the down south coastal arena of the island. Nevertheless, you can find delicious way of cooking ambulthiyal in all over the country.

Taste ambulthiyal and let us know how you like it.

Parippu (dhal curry)


Sri lankan dhal curry known as parippu curry is the most famous in Sri Lanka. You can not find a day-to-day meal in Sri Lanka that is absence of dhal curry.  Parippu curry is widely using for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Sri Lankan dhal curry comes to you in different style. You will love the delighting taste of dhal curry prepared by mixing coconut milk, then tempered dhal curry, and also parippu curry found a bit spicier as well

Parippu curry is a lovely side dish for rice, bread, noodles and many more to dip and eat. Find a good variety of recipes of making parippu curry. 

Sri Lankan Rice and Curry

Sri Lankan Rice and Curry

Rice and curry the most regular and day to day meal of Sri Lankans. The choice of steamed rice is served along with few curries often seen in Sri Lankan breakfast, lunch and dinners.  Mostly you will love the way of the colorful presentation found in the dish mixing of a great variety of spicy and delighting curries, deliciously cooked fish, chicken, egg, beef, pork and sometimes you will love the fresh salad options, and fried items that you found as well.

The taste of the dishes often relies on the way that they cooked, the spices that are used and the freshness of the ingredients.



Kokis is the most lovable. A traditional and authentic desert in Sri Lanka usually prepare for festive occasions including the traditional new year festival.  The natter of the kokis is made by using a fine combination of rice flour, egg and coconut milk.

The deep fried kokis are munching and you will love the taste comes from crispiness.



The top most lovable food in Sri Lanka is milk rice known as kiribath locally. It is not just the taste what makes kiribath the most popular but also the traditions attached along with it. Kiribath is known as a resemblance of prosperity, happiness and fortune. Therefore, in every Sri Lankan house kiribath prepares for every festive occasion.

Kiribath prepares adding thick coconut milk when prepare the rice. Kiribath serves with spicy lunumiris, and also chicken and fish curries and also with fish ambulthiyal.

Polos – (Jackfruit)


Baby jackfruit curry known as polos curry in Sri Lanka is another delicious curry that is most popular in the country. You will find a great variety of preparing jackfruit curry but it’s all about the spices and the ingredient that you chose when preparing the curry. The way that its cooked along with fresh and quality ingredients you use is what will make the jackfruit curry the most delicious. 

Maliban Chocolate Cream Biscuits

Maliban Chocolate Cream Biscuits

Maliban chocolate cream biscuits often find in Sri Lanka tea times. The two layers of chocolate biscuits are filled with a rich chocolate creamy filling. The taste is so nice.

Maliban Chocolate Cream Biscuits are loved by everyone regardless the age. And is served at tea times and also good to quench your instant hungers.  Taste Maliban Chocolate Cream Biscuits and find the real taste of real chocolates.

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String Hoppers

String Hoppers

String hoppers are one of the most popular and delicious among the most popular food in Sri Lanka. String hoppers are served for breakfast and dinners along with fresh coconut sambol, spicy chicken, fish, pork, beef or Dhal curry.

String hoppers are made from steamed flour mixture squeezed through a small mould to form thin noodles layers. Strig hoppers locally known as idiaappam is considered as a light food and depending on how many you are taking will make your tummy filled.

Find here everything to know about 10 most popular food in Sri Lanka, and we are so sure that you would love to taste all of them and already looking for recipes. Find fresh and high-quality cooking ingredients products at your favorite Ceylon Groceries to get them delivered to your doorstep.

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