7 Amazing Kodo Millet Benefits

  • Jun 04, 2022
  • By Ruban KT
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Kodo millet is known as a staple food that has gained a remarkable reputation and recognition for years for the so much of benefit it offers.

Being a draught tolerance plant kodo millets are widely and easily grown in the countries including India and Africa.

The modern world is trying to adjust for healthier and light diets by trying out different food and so as kodo millet can be recommended as an effective alternative to use for those who look for the possibilities to get rid from rice and wheat.

Kodo millet is excessively use in India to prepare tasty dishes compared to other countries in the world, yet due to the recognition it is owning for the health, and culinary benefits it serves kodo millet has started up getting popular considerably.

This guidance is to give you some insights that will be helpful for you to learn about kodo millet and its immersive benefits.

Culinary value

Kodo millet is a tasty option for food lovers who also highly concern about their health. It is a known alternative for rice and wheat and taking to prepare many dishes.

Kodo millet grains can be consume by mixing with other grains as well in order to increase the nutrition facts. At the same time can make flour and can use it as a replacement for wheat flour and rice.

The nutrition value serves by kodo millet is considerably high and the regular consumptions will help you and your loved ones to stay healthy.

Wound healer

Kodo millet has recognized as an effective wound healer that will help for domestic medical treatments.

As per the studies the researchers have proven with considerable evidences that kodo millets has amazing healing power that hasten the healing power for wounds.

All you have to do is take make a small dough by using kodo millet and start applying it every day on the cut wound and the rates for around 16 days.

Compared to the wounds that are not properly treated the wounds treated will kodo millet are observed as a shrink.

Untreated wound has 75% speed for healing while the wound preserved by using kodo millet shows up the speeding rate of 88-90%.

Keep some fresh kodo millet at home for day today usage and especially when you have kids around you may surely need some of these to treat them to apply on wounds.

Radical scavenger

The medical values that can get from kodo millet is incredible. Did you know that fact that kodo millet can also use as a good remedy to decrease free medicals.

If the body can nor resist the cells and tissues it will lead to certain health crisis. Therefore it is always good to treat them beforehand if you are going through any conditions related.

As per the studies kodo millet has found has a food component that is containing rich level of antioxidants that are the essentials to fight with free radicals.

It has revealed the potential of kodo millet to fight for free radical by modifying the radicals is at a higher level compared to the other millets.

 A good food to control diabetics

Kodo millet is one of the foods in the list that is recognized as a good remedy that helps to get a relief from diabetics and related complications.

It can reduce the impact that makes by diabetics by the anti-diabetic mixtures has in kodo millet including ferulic acid, quercetin, vanillic acid, b-hydroxybenzoic acid, and syringic acid.

The regular consumption of kodo millet can decrease the glucose level in blood quickly and will help to improve the serum insulin level in blood that would be very much favorable for controlling diabetics.

When the glucose level in blood goes lower the glucose polymer that increases by kodo millet by reducing the glycated hemoglobin will be helpful as it will give the required energy that needed at the situations of when the glucose level in blood get lower.

A fighter against the bad bacteria

Polypheponol that stored in kodo millet has an inspiring antimicrobial influence that can fight against certain bacteria.

Kodo millet phenolic extracts has revealed the fact that it has a significant power of prevention with related to LDL fat and liposomes oxidation.

A good relief for cholesterol

Kodo millet is a known medicine for cardiac related issues especially it can help you by reducing considerable risks in cardiac related diseases.

Kodo millet can reduces the triglycerides and C-reactive protein that will be harmful for heart.

And for those women who show up certain complications related to cardiovascular disease after the postmenopausal kodo millet is one of the most recommended to consume to stay healthier from dreadful diseases.

Help for weight lose

The rich amount of fiber storage in Kodo millet is very much supportive for reducing the weight gain.

Most prefer to use kodo millet as an alternative for gluten contains rice and wheat.  Kodo millet is also a good relief for those who intolerant for gluten.

As per some studies the kodo millet has found with positive effects for metabolic syndrome as well which proves the fact that kodo millet is one of the best remedy for obesity.

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Frequently Asked Question in Kodo Millet Benefits 

When should I eat Kodo millet?

Using kodo millet for breakfast is the best recommended. It can also mix with your favorite grains to increase the nutrition amount.

Is Kodo millet better than rice?

The rich amount of fiber and protein sources contain in kodo millet makes it better than rice.

Can we eat Kodo millet daily?

Moderate amount of kodo millet is recommended than the excessive use that may lead to certain harmneses.

Is Kodo millet good for weight loss?

Yes Kodo millet is much recommended for weight loss.

How do you eat kodo millet?

You can eat kodo millet as rice and also there are so many dishes that you can prepare by using kodo milet.